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RedBox TV comes up with 1000+ channels for free streaming, you can pick any of them and continue watching your shows at any time. And the best part is, It’s free, you don’t have to pay any fee in exchange of its services. But it isn’t the end of this article, there is a lot more yet to cover. RedBox App is now available for various other platforms, the other versions like RedBox for iOS is out now. Also, you can install RedBox TV App on PC.

This post is only about how you can download and install RedBox TV on Android. As its not available on Google Play Store, how you can find this app and the installation process. With the step by step guide for the people who are totally new with this.

There are a number of TV Channels Streaming App available on the Internet, what makes this app so special? So, check the below highlights and I assure you that you will never repeat this question.


You probably already know the facts about this app, if still you’re unknown with this app then these features will surely reflect an idea about this app.
I’m not going to mention a dozen of it, just a few highlight key points which you should need in any streaming app.

RedBox Apk For Andorid


You don’t have to pay even a single buck for its premium services. There is no accounts or profile system in this app, all the contents are available openly for everybody.

24/7 Uptime

You won’t face any down time, as it does have 5 different link providers to keep the content available for each and every second. If one gets expired, the rest of 4 will keep you live with the content .

Easy UI

No need to dive deep into the app, everything is available in front of your eye. It won’t take more than a couple of your seconds to understand the app and it’s options.


With the list of nearly 1000 channels this app make himself stand apart from the crowd. The variety and filters of channels are quite impressive and handy with the app.


You can mark your favorite channels to keep them on your fingertips. Swipe to the favorite channels option and add your favorite channels in the list.

Or you can hold the click on channels name and the favorite option will pops-out in front of the screen.

Cast Screen

In addition, you can cast your mobile screen to the bigger one if you do have any nearby device with casting enabled feature.

You might need third-party apps to perform this but this will surely please your experience with bigger screen.

Download RedBox TV App For Android

RedBox For Android

As I said, this app isn’t available on Google Play as it’s against their rules and share free streaming access of paid channels which is sort of illegal. But there’s nothing to worry about because of you aren’t doing anything wrong, if anything happens it will cost them, not you. So, feel free and enjoy the streaming.

It’s hard to find the compatible version on Internet, because many website claims that they have latest version of RedBox App, but they only serves hoax. But, you can trust our words and give us a chance to end your search.

To download RedBox Tv App for Android, click on the below button and it will be downloaded on your device.

It’s an apk file, you have to Install it by your own.

Install RedBox TV App on Android

RedBox TV App For Android

Once you find the apk file of RedBox App, there is nothing much left. Just follow these simple steps one after one and it will be installed on your device within a few seconds.

Before you install this app, I want you to make sure that this app isn’t authorized by any person or authority.

First of all, enable the unknown source. As you’re using an Android Device and it must require permissions to install any third-party app on the system.
For that, Go To Settings, Scroll Down to Security, Search for Unknown Sources. Make it enable.

That’s all from the settings section. Now you’re ready to install RedBox App.

Go to the file manager where your apk file is stored. Click on install button, and the installation progress will start.
It will take a few minutes, as it’s extracting the package files.
After the successful installation, Open the app and start enjoying free TV Channels.


Is this app illegal?

Sort of, as it’s not available on Google Play you can consider it as a sign. But it isn’t asking for any kind of users information or ask for any permission you can freely use this app as long as you want without any privacy bleach.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s free. You don’t have to pay any charge, as it doesn’t have any subscription-based system and premium pack. There is no part of this app which is paid, all the channles and features are already unlocked for the public.

How many channels are on this app?

It’s hard to count all, but around 800 channels are available on RedBox App along with the filters and proper categories.
You don’t have to rush for it, just go through the categories and you’ll find all native channels there in one shot.
If its still out of court, you can use Search option for a quick filter result.

The app isn’t opening, it shows blank screen? How to solve this issue?

It’s nothing more than Connection problem, as it consumes more data, low connectivity leads to render only half of the image.
Do a quick restart of RedBox App and it will work fine in other attempt.

Final Words

So, This is all about RedBox TV App for Android from my side, if you still have any question or stuck somewhere between the process, leave a comment with your issue. Do visit our other pages if you’re looking for RedBox App for your other devices.

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