RedBox TV App Download For Android, iOS, Windows & Chromecast

By Now, you might have paid thousands of bucks over your cable connection to let you stream a few television channels. But today I’m going to share an app with you which does cost only your Internet Data, nothing more than this, no subscription or hidden charges. RedBox TV offers you free access to stream any television channels right from your Smartphone.

This app doesn’t have its own streaming servers, it does only shares the direct links to the users, which can be found on Internet easily. Also, RedBox TV doesn’t claim any type of accuracy of content information or disturbing images.

RedBox TV App has introduced a lot more features than any other TV Channels Streaming App. It does have categories, depending on Counties as well.

To find out your native language you can swipe to Country based categories, where you’ll find the channels which are highly native to your region and language. That’s an extra of RedBox TV App.

Apart from this, RedBox is available for almost every possible platform. Unlike the other apps, RedBox TV don’t claims any fake hoax, all the stuff where are features in this post will be served.

What is RedBox TV?

RedBox TV App

RedBox TV is an app which comes up with 1000+ Free Channels to stream without any cost. That’s not enough, you can cast your screen on nearby devices or use this app on various others platforms like iOS, Windows and Mac.

RedBox doesn’t pact with limited channels, they do add more choices for the users because they’re very known with the fact that public is burning their data on it, if they didn’t pay the worth of it, nobody would visit again.

It has a number of unique features which makes this app stand out from the crowd, such as, inbuilt video players, HQ contents and 24hours uptime.

Redbox tv apk Features:

There are many IPTV apps available on Internet which do claims of sharing 1000+ channels and 24×7 Uptime, but the fact is, you’ll have to suffer with ads and pact with quality issues. But here, in RedBox TV App you will get 1080p HD Quality Content with no annoying ads. Also, You can mark your favorite channels for quick play.

Since the other apps doesn’t provide the same services you can consider RedBox App as unique and the only one.

Let’s talk a bit more about its features and take an eye over the features of RedBox TV App.

Redbox TV Apk Categories

You don’t have to rush for filters, just swipe to your Genre and scroll down to check a few more channels option. In header, you’ll find a number of lists. On the behalf of languages, taste and country.

Sleek UI

The front-end of this app is just amazing, you won’t face any type of lag or issue regarding interface. Each and every object is optimized and arranged in a manner so nobody has to rush

Live Video Streaming

One of the finest app if you want to watch your favorite cartoons or shows live. RedBox TV has ability to serve you the live streaming links, you can compare your screen with the current set-up box channels and know the fact that the app is hardly delay of a few seconds.

No Registration

You don’t have to register on this app, this app serves all of its features without seeking for any private information. You can watch any chanels without entering your personal details, this makes this app the people’s first choice among any other app.


They do have ads but the thing is, These ads aren’t annoying, it won’t disturb your experience of streaming, you might get a few ads while you bounce back to homescreen but they will never bother you while you’re playing something on the App.

Free to Use

RedBox Apk doesn’t have any kind of subscription-based system. It’s a free app, You can stream to any channel for free. There will be no hidden charges or no premium mode, each and every user will be treated equally.

Default Browsers

This app supports many Default Video Players, including MX Player, VLC Player, 321 Player and a few more.

These are the top most used video players and have good ratings and handy features. You can use these inbuilt video players to watch videos even without installing any of them.

Frequent Updates

The Updates will be there after every few weeks, with new channels and features. Collecting new channels isn’t frequent but the uptime and link providers will stay patched all the time.

You can demand for new channels if you’re missing any, For that you just have to Drop a Message regards your request and the developers will surely look after it.

High Quality Contents

You don’t have to deal with low quality content anymore. Watch your favorite shows on high-quality. Check the below screenshot for proof.

RedBox TV Preview

Set Password on Settings

Make your privacy even more secure by adding a pass code on it. You can set a password on your RedBox App Settings Option, So that nobody could make any changes without your permissions.

Favourite Channels

You can mark channels as your Favorite, One special area where you can have your entire collection of favorite channels so you don’t have to scroll each time you visit on RedBox App.

To mark channel as your favorite, Hold the channel name for a second and the option will pop-up on screen.

Pros & Cons


– HD & HQ Stream supported
– 1000+ Channels
– 8+ inbult video players
– 15+ supportive countries
– native categories
– smooth & sleek UI
– favorite option to add channels for quick access
– regular updates
– no in-play ads


– no direct broadcast link, it’s an API based app
– no internal subtitles
– consume lot of Internet data
– doesn’t allow fast-forwading
-no offline-download option
-no schedule for upcoming shows

RedBox TV App Download For Android, iOS, Windows & Chromecast

RedBoxTV Apk

RedBox TV app is available for Android only, but by using some tweaks and tricks you can Install RedBox TV App on Android, iOS, Windows and Chromecast also.

These are not the official ways but you can go with these, as it’s giving you free access of 1000+ channels without any risk, so, why shouldn’t you try.

RedBox App is an easy-to-use application, which doesn’t ask for any kind of registration or account details. Once you install this app on your device, you’ll find a number of extra handy features.

However, If you want an official file for each platform then you might have to fall back with your empty human-hands because there is no so update from the developers for any other Platform, except Android.

But for the sake of money, We find some alter ways you can use to grab RedBox TV on your suitable device.

Download RedBox TV Apk For Android

RedBox TV For Android

On Android, You have unlimited possibilities to get any sort of app or game, Play Store has a huge library of these kind of applications. But in this case, You can’t directly download RedBox TV Apk from Google Play Store because it isn’t available there.

You must have to download this App from third-party websites as it’s sharing content against the authority without asking for their permissions. If they found this all on Google Play, it will be banned for permanent.

To download the RedBox Apk you can click on the below given button, it will download the apk file for you within a minute.

Download apk

Install RedBox TV Apk on Android

RedBox TV App Download

The installation process for apk on android is quite simple. Just follow the given steps, it will hardly take 2 or 3 minutes to come over these steps.

First of all you need to Enable the Unknown Sources, As it’s a must-have option before installing any third-party app on Android.

To enable this, you need to Go to Settings, then Security and Find the Unknown Sources option. Once you’re there, click on the checkbox and Mark it Enable.

Doing this will let you keep safe from bad situations, so make sure you had followed the same steps as I did.

After that, Go to file manager for the APK file of RedBox TV App.

Click on install, it will take a few seconds to load all the packages.

Within a few seconds it will be successfully installed on your device.

Now you can enjoy free streaming of TV Channels. Open the app and start watching, there’s no need to Sign-up or Create an Account. You can stream Anonymously.

Download RedBox TV App For iOS

RedBox TV for iOS

There are multiple ways you can download RedBox App on iOS, I’ve listed a few of them in below. Go check it out, and proceed with the finest method.

#1 Method

Go to the App Store and Search for the term “RedBox” a list of results will appear in front of you. Pick the first one, sometimes the list re-arrange the apps so be sure you’re picking up the correct one.

Method #2

Using TweakBox Emulator

TweakBox is far more than Emulator, with this you can Use Android Apps on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Download the TweakBox app on your iOS Device.

Install and hit allow to all permissions.

Open the Default browser in the TweakBox and visit to the RedBox TV Apk download page. Link is given below, click on the click and download apk file of RedBox TV App.

Once you’re finished with this, you can install RedBox App on TweakBox and do use the app from the Emulator.

It will work smooth and serve the same services to you, as Android.

Download RedBox TV App For Windows

RedBox TV App For Windows

The installation process of RedBox App on Windows and iOS isn’t very different. In both cases you require an Android Emulator to make your job done.

Emulators are designed for the people who want to experience the feel of Android Phone from their Desktop. You can download and run your android apps on PC, just by the help of Emulator.

There are many Emulators floating over the Internet, but only a few are reliable. I suggest you to go with Nox or BlueStack, se I’m using these for more than a year, yet I haven’t saw any flaw in any of the above.

These Emulator have handy features which you must need in an Android Device.

Let’s get started with the work.

Download the Emulator and Install it on your Windows.

Now you need the APK file of RedBox TV app, to download the App click on the below given Button and save the file. Save the file in a folder from where you can easily hook up.

Download redbox tv apk

Once you’re done with this, Open the Emulator and Search for the Apk file which we downloaded in earlier. Click on Install and within a few seconds it will be installed on your Emulator.

Your virtual Android device has now RedBoxTV App in it. You can now start streaming your channels.

That’s it, This is how you can use RedBox TV App on Windows.

Download and Install RedBox TV App for Mac

RedBox App For Mac

On Mac, you may have handy tweaks but when it’s about exploring the third-party apps, Mac isn’t very helpful. Because their OS is designed differently for the Business class people who stuck on limited Apps and spend their most of the time tapping there.

In case you need an third-party app on your Mac Desktop, you have to follow a lot more steps than usual.

You can skip this part just by using an Emulator, the same we did for installing RedBox TV on Windows and iPhones. As it’s the only easiest way to grab apps on any platforms, and the best part is, It always works.

If you are thinking about which Emulator works fine for your Mac then a single word can’t be the answer. It all depends on your work, if you only need Emulator to use Android apps just for fun then I suggest you to go with Genymotion, as its smooth and well-optimized.
On the other hand, If you want to test and run apps for multiple times in a row then BlueStacks is the only option you can blindly go with.

Once that’s done about picking up the perfect Emulator for Mac, Install it on your Desktop.
After that search for the Apk file of RedBox TV App from the Emulator.

In case you missed, Download it from here.

Click on the Install button and wait until the installation process finish.

Now you can stream Free Channels by using RedBox TV App on Mac.

Download RedBox TV App For Chromecast

RedBox TV For Chromecast

Screen Casting can also be a good way of sharing your screen over a bigger screen, this will let you gain the real experience of Television because literally you’re watching TV Channels on the same Screen, but it isn’t costing you any buck.

RedBox can also be casted on your Television Screen, If you have proper knowledge and suitable app to perform actions.
In this case I recommend you Google Home App, as it’s an official introduced by Google itself for casting your screens on other nearby devices.

How to Use RedBox TV on Chromecast

To access the contents of RedBox TV on Chromecast you need to connect your Smartphone and Television with each other and RedBox TV Apk installed on your Smartphone. Also, You need too Download the Google Home App on your Smartphone.

After that, Open the App and search for nearby Chromecast Comments.

Once you engage and pair with your both devices, you’re ready to cast screen.

Now open the RedBox TV on Android and Click on the Cast Screen Option. It’s on header, next to Search option.

In case if you didn’t get this option, or it may not works then you follow this alter method.

Go to Google Music or YouTube, or any other which do have option of Cast Screen.

Cast your screen from there and then bouce back to the RedBox app and start streaming.
It will be reflected on your Television Screen for sure.


Here are a few questions which may pops-out before or after installing the RedBoxTV App. Some of them are answered below, if you didn’t found your questions below, drop your query into the comment box. Soon, it will be updated in the FAQs Section.

Is this illegal?

Yes, but it won’t harm you in any way. As it isn’t affiliated by any authority or isn’t available on Google Play you can say it’s free from restrictions and doing all the chores by own. If something bad happens then it will cost their pockets, not yours.

Is RedBox TV app Free?

Yes, This app is totally free. You don’t have to pay even a single buck over any of its services. All the channels listed in this app are free and available for every user openly.

Why RedBox TV App isn’t available on Google Play Store?

RedBox TV app shares free streaming access of TV channels to the public without having permissions from the authorities. As it’s the again of policy and considered as piracy, Google can’t allow this app to be on their Store.
But you can still download it from other third-party websites. Or from our website, the link is mentioned above in the download section. Go grab the app.

How many inbuilt video players are there in this App? 

9 inbuilt Video Players are there available in RedBox TV App. You can pick and use any of them as your default video player to stream TV channels. You can use their all features, such as Dolby Atmos, SW & HW Audio and Lock.

The best part is, all these players works as smooth as they really are.

RedBox TV Video Player

How to Bookmark Favourite Channels?

Just tap and hold the channels logo for a second and an Option will pops-out from the screen. Whether you want to mark it as Favorite or not, make your choice and that’s it.
You can find the Favourite Channels option in the Menu bar.

You can add channels as many as you want, there is no limit on this.

RedBox TV Favourite

How to set password on settings? and Why?

Settings do hold the customized changes you made, like Default Browser for playing videos and Filters for Channels list. All you have to do to set Password is, Go to Settings and there will be the first option with the Tag “Lock Settings” mark it enable. It will ask you to set a password, do set your desired digits and it will be locked.

The default password is 1234.

App isn’t loading, it gets stuck at the Video Player?

This can be because the streaming channels link got expired and the developers have not updated yet. All you can do is, wait for a while till the new links get updated.

Or you can just close the app and open it again, because we can also count on network issues, such as users or the app.

This will surely work, if still you face the same error then the chances are your IP is blocked. Try installing a VPN, it might work for you.

Is this a Cracked Version or Original App?

As you can see there is no registration page, no subscription-based system and no profile but the fact is this isn’t MOD this is the original app with all the features unlocked.
You don’t have to search for any crack to stream, it’s all available in this app with its original apk package.

Note: We don’t claim any kind of partnership or relation with this app or the developers. This is just a share, or you can say support to this App so the public will get to know about this brilliant app.

Final Words:

In the end, This was all about RedBox TV App from my side. You should have to give this app a chance, as it’s saving your hundreds of bucks and has a variety of options.

Also, let us know if you face some issues while installing the apps using any of the above steps. We will surely update you with an alternative method.